Tuesday, May 13, 2014

favorite songs in movies (non-musicals) cont.

Mandolin Rain by John and Bruce Hornsby; performed by Bruce Hornsby (as himself) in World's Greatest Dad (2009). Robin Williams (giving his best performance since Awakenings) plays a failed writer and single Dad who sired quite possibly the worst child on the face of the Earth. When said bête noire and resident outcast dies as a result of autoerotic asphyxia, Williams (who teaches at the kids school) decides to write his own suicide note which turns the dead teen (and said parent) into a cause célèbre. The beautiful irony of this scene is, in actuality, the dead son despised Bruce Hornsby. It operates on so many levels, succeeding chiefly as black comedy, but ultimately it's a film about how we are all willing participants in whatever shams we choose to believe (whether it's a war in the Middle East or something as equally deceitful as this). Hornsby transforms his own beautiful melody into something truly haunting.

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